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Jodie Whittaker to Return as ‘Doctor Who’ in 2020 Amid Strong U.S. Ratings

Compared to S10 views, S11 is up in US (40%) and UK (47%). BBC America 1.6M viewers is pretty sad, I bet thrice as many watched pirated videos.

British viewers tuned in in droves to the first episode of the current season. With 11 million viewers (consolidated), it was the second-biggest drama audience of the year and the best launch for “Doctor Who” in a decade in the U.K.

It also reflects modern viewing patterns, with many fans and, notably, younger viewers watching the show on catch-up. The BBC said the average consolidated audience through the first eight episodes was 8.4 million, significantly above the last season of “Doctor Who,” starring Peter Capaldi, whose average was below 6 million. The current season was the second most-requested series on the BBC’s iPlayer in October, the busiest month ever for the catch-up service.

In the U.S., Whittaker and her team notched a ratings win for BBC America, which said it was the fastest-growing scripted show of the year. Ahead of Sunday’s final episode, BBC America reported that the show was up 47% season-on-season, with young female viewers driving the growth. The show averaged 1.6 million viewers through its first eight episodes in the U.S.


The number of viewers is only high when you compare them to Capaldi's S09 or S10, who were already SJW oriented and lost quite a number of viewers.

And it's only high due to the 'female' surprise that boosted the first episodes. It has consistently losing viewers, up to the point of not having a traditional 'last episode peak'. S11 has ended in numbers that are close to S09 and S10. It has been the steeper downtrend since 2005. Doctor Who never has lost so many viewers, so quick, as in S11.

Next season, viewer numbers are likely to reach new lows. The series has lost traditional viewers, and only a limited percentage of the new ones will stick to the show.

And taking into account that it's a expensive show, I'd say Whittaker is likely to be the last Doctor. BBC has already announced that S12 will be delayed until 2020, breaking the 1 season/year periodicity. It seems that Doctor Who is gonna have a slow death.


sure it's an expensive show but some shows don't need high ratings if it sells merchandise.


i bet it's high ratings are fake news certain people create a bubble that make it sound like the show's never been better but a certain class of people are very vocal and somehow became the only group people care to cater to even tho they are not a small group not worth it in ratings and do not have the healthy numbers to keep a show alive


I bet there was way more ads on BBC America for 13th Doctor I don't remember Peter Capaldi seasons getting to many ads and than it was pulled off Netflix and was on amazon streaming service


is that what losing 2.5 million viewers over season 11 in the uk so imagine the us ratings