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Is this coming to the UK?

We havent seen aneither this, his movie before, or retrograde. Any sign of any of them?


Yah, years later, but I gotta bust your balls.

You make no sense. Your first sentence has 3 objects in it, which are not cohesive, nor does it make reference to your opening questioning. Your other sentence refers to those 3 objects as "them," but still makes no sense.

Your 2nd word should have an apostrophe (havent). No idea what your 4th words is meant to be (aneither). Even if it was "another" still no sense.

OK, you're British, I get it. You cannot legally protect yourself (w/guns or other), have bad teeth, have terrible health care (due to gov), & still like the gov nanny-state.
HOWEVER, that does not excuse your poorly worded paragraph, nor even why you would even ask if a movie is coming across the pond.

If you are the average chum, I don't care that the UK has lost freedom & is being overtaken by Muslims. What happens if a gal is raped by a Muslim?

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