skipped over too much

This and other documentaries about the war on the Russian front always start with Barbarossa, go on thru Stalingrad, maybe a mention of Kursk(which was skipped here as well) and then skip to the battle for Berlin. Between Kursk and Berlin was almost 2 years of fighting that is skipped over. Perhaps they are repetitive battles as the Germans try to hold out but eventually falling to the Russian juggernaut but I think they are important & need to be covered.


It is a unforgivable that this documentary overlooks Kursk! The battle featured over 8,000 tanks and 2.7 million men. Had the Germans won it could have been another pivot points in the Great Patriotic War.

As from that point forward ... I am not a professional historian but I know enough about WW2 to say that the war became very routine (Russians chasing/Germans fleeing). Exceptions where liberation of Romania & Hungary, and liberation of death camps in Poland ... which the doc mentioned.

I guess they have to draw the line somewhere ... but leaving out Kursk???