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So he KNEW who the killers were but never had them watched!?


So Jesse KNOWS who the killers are and yet never puts anyone on to shadow them.

He knows they are going out and randomly shooting people, he has no proof to actually arrest them TRUE...but they are suspects, he himself (the guy IN CHARGE) knows they are guilty, knows they will kill again...but he never puts them under watch?!?!

So they are indeed perfectly free to go out and openly shoot another person in broad daylight!

He can send a Cop undercover to track high school rapists, but (and that case was done with, and the Cop now free, before they killed again) he can't do the same to keep an eye on two mass murderers?

God awful police work and god awful scripting.


Hmm... Maybe he couldn't due to a legal technicality.


It is a very small town, they don't have the same resources as they do in big cities, observe the other cops and their reactions to the murders, they are not even used to them (like Suitcase, he doesn't even know where to look for evidence, etc.), they even have a pediatrician doing the work of a coroner! And Viola Davis' character even investigates the high school girl's rapists on her time off.

Do you honestly think they have the resources to watch a couple of suspects 24/7?

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"It is a very small town, they don't have the same resources as they do in big cities..."

This point was emphasised a number of times throughout the movie. I'm surprised the OP didn't pick up on it.


What's an 'OP'?


Someone who isn't very bright or observant. He clearly forgot several scenes in which Jesse states that they don't have the manpower, and also another scene in which Jesse is actually parked out in front of their house at night, but they don't go anywhere.

Molly is working on the rape case, and even Jesse has to tell her, "you have to work here some time, you know."

You have only four cops, and one of them has to always be in the office to handle calls (usually, that's Molly's job), which only leaves Suit, DeAngelo, and Stone to patrol and handle the rest of the town.


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