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Danny stood up for Augie, anger made no sense.

Danny overdid it a lil, but he still was sticking up for Augie when they got kicked out of the games. Augie would not have acted like that. Augie even looked around for someone to belive him. So the 1 person who did was Danny and maybe acted lil hostile. He still stood up for him. Always love seeing this movie. But hate that scene.


It's because Augie believed that Danny wasn't on board with the whole L.A.I.R games so the fact he was kicked out wouldn't have bothered him.

He reacted angrily because Danny essentially got him thrown out of the one thing he enjoyed about his life.


Right, but we already know that because Augie says it.

Augie fails to realize that the confrontation occurred because of Danny’s loyalty, which he should respect and appreciate. Remember, Augie is a child. Danny only pushed Argotron because Argotron hit him with his sword. It’s just what you do.