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Was i the only one that didn't like this movie?

Ok to be honest i didn't like this movie so all of you people that love it don't go raging at me because i like South Park and it may not be much different. How ever i didn't like this movie because it was ridiculous, boring and i hated the black kid, i am not racist, i just hate how its a little 10 year old kid swearing (yeah yeah the kids in south park swear and there the same age but they don't excist! and the black kid was a real kid, even tho he was acting, i hate kids who talk like that)
I found some scenes funny, sometimes those ridiculous fight scenes had some funny bits, but out of the whole movie i might have laughed like 3 times.

I love comedy movies like Tropic Thunder and Step Brothers etc, i laughed at almost every scene in both of those movies, but i don't know why i didn't like Role Models, a friend told me it was good anyway, thank god i only rented this anyway, if i would have bought it, i probably would have taken it to a 2nd hand shop. But anyways should i give this movie another try one day??

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Yes, you should give it another try one day, you might like it better. It's a good movie.


Honestly, I would say indeed that you are probably the only guy in the whole wide world who didn't like this film! Just the fight scene at the end between Augie and King Aragon was worth the watching!

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Wow I am impressed, usually threads like these are just nonsense and someone trying to find an excuse to hate on a move, just trolling for people.

This was actually a pretty honest thread.

I enjoyed this movie primarily because I relate (somewhat) to a lot of the material that they put into the movie. The LAIR portion of the film is hilarious to me because I know a few people that actually do that (Though they call it LARPing) Paul Rudd is one of my favorite comedy actors and though I don't care for all of Sean William Scott's roles in movies this one he pulled off rather well. And including Kiss into the mix is very appealing to me.

The whole pacing of the movie felt very much like a Judd Apatow flick and I enjoy his movies very well so this to me was one of my higher rated comedies.

That said I do respect your opinion of the movie and applaud you for not starting a typical trolling thread since you didn't enjoy it.

Upon further viewings you may start to enjoy it, but with comedies its pretty hard to acquire humor that you didn't like to begin with, I still cannot tolerate watching Monty Python though I have tried.

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I'm bumping this because I'm honestly surprised this movie is so well liked. I thought the movie was really lame and unfunny, safe for Jane Lynch who kills it in everything she is in.



I just attempted to watch Role Models last night, and I whole-heartedly agree with everything stratoculture said above.


The funny thing is- the movies you say you love are really really *beep* *beep* like holy *beep* are they *beep* *beep*


Hey, I am a big South Park fan and I feel exactly the same as you when I watched "Role Models".
It is OK but it is not "a must see" or " a movie you are going to laugh through"

I also hate the black kid, for the same reasons you evoked I wish he was punched in the face by Wheeler, that would have been funny. If you come to think about it, what did he learn by the end of the movie? Did he change his way or learn to be a better kid?

I think it is just a matter of sense of humor. Some movies would make you laugh, other wouldn't . you don't need to watch them again to be sure about it.

I almost killed myself laughing when I watched "Borat" or "Old School" and I am sure you did too since you seem to have the same sense of humor.


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I didn't like this one near as much as the other two Wain/Rudd collaborations I've seen, Wanderlust and They Came Together. It was really predictable and not that funny.

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