I hated Billy

But loved the rest of the characters.

But Billy... God is he creepy and mean and cruel!

Roy is kind of creepy too, but he doesn't mean to. It's obvious he's just got bad social skills probably from moving all the time and having a violent father. But you can see he's a good kid at heart. I hated that he didn't get any closure...

I loved Lou, who's probably going to end up being transgender and I thought it was a really nice character. Original.

But Billy is selfish, and cruel to those he thinks are lesser than him. I really didn't care for him.

With the newspaper strike on, I wouldn't consider dying! /Bette Davis/



Yes, Billy is not a likeable character and one wonders what Roy saw in him. One does feel some symnpathy for Roy. This is a good movie and I give it 8 marks out of ten.


So what? Just remember how you were when you were his age? Were you likeable?
I too felt sorry for that poor Roy, but come on, these are children, and we alla know how children can be!