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Fil-ams didn't do research :CAVITE IS NOT A PLACE FOR ABU SAYAFS

Obviously a film written with stereotypical perceptions of the Philippines by American born "flips". Did they even do a little bit of research?

The concept of Abus running large in Cavite so absurd and so fantastical that it already destroys the suspension of disbelief before even watching this film. Everyone in the Philippines knows there are no Abu Sayafs in Cavite.

Well it's not exactly the best place to do their operations because it's so geographically wrong for their kind of business. Most of the province is flat, contrary to the fact that the terrorists prefer the mountainous forest regions of the Philippines for guerilla tactics. There are also only a few ways to go in and out of Cavite: Going via the sea is out of the question as it lies just beside Manila Bay and can be easily monitored by the Sangley Point Naval Base. Via the road is also harder as the highway goes exactly straight to Manila with all the checkpoints and highway patrols.

So basically, the Abus can't easily run and hide in Cavite. That's why they dwell somewhere else.



Well the Abu Sayaf did do a bombing in Manila so there are Abu Sayaf in Luzon. And I would say that the urban as well as the suburban areas of Cavite are good places to get lost as long as you don't lug around any obvious weapons. I am pretty sure Al Quaida has to scatter to some urban and obvious areas first before regrouping. I do not think this is such a big flaw to this movie. Besides, this is a movie. I mean do you really think it is possible to watch this guys every move like the guy on the phone did? That alone should turn you off. There was some suspense with yes some demographical errors. So what?

I think most importantly that this movie does portray the Philippines very well. I was born here but I have been to that part of the Philippines many times and it was almost a treat to watch with my wife who has never seen such a close up picture of the Philippines in such detail. She really doesn't want to go to the Philippines anymore but I am trying to convince her that there are better parts to the country.


They mention in the film itself that the group in Cavite were on the run. He explains on the phone that they had to scatter due to police/army pressure. They were a renegade Abu Sayyaf group who needed the dad's money. They know they cannot operate openly in that city and say so in the film. Small detail but it was mentioned.


Yes it was specifically mentioned in the film that it was unexpected for them to be there. Why won't you speak Tagalog?!


You don't have to go far to look for Abus in Metro Manila. They're all in Taguig. Right beside the big military camp of Fort Bonifacio.