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Gritty noir-esque thrill ride, BUT....

*spoilers ahead*

....also a Muslim/Filipino propangadist, TREMENDOUSLY homophobic, and rather chauvinist rant. The film also does a disservice to the Phillippines at large--the seedy cockfights, the squalid camps, the corruption, the mutilation, and the terrorism threats aren't the best way to lure tourists to the country.

Kudos for the "mise en scene" as one commenter put it, but what good came out of this story? We're to assume the church blew up and now Adam has to live with that for life. I'm not sure Allah will forgive him for it.



Um....well I didn't think it was a tourist film. :(
The only think I didn't like was that the bathroom at the cockfight was empty....not likely...should have been 20 people in there!!


uhm, what was noir about this film...? it's a good film and there ARE places in the PI that look like that--interesting film--not much in the media about filipino muslims in general.