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What was that white thing he was looking at?

In the last scene when he was in Phillipines, he is walking, and stops in front of the building and there is some white thing that he is looking at before it shows him back in the states...

I was thinking about this movie last night, and I found it so unrealistic, even for a movie, that anyone could keep tabs on someone like they did Adam. I started to wonder if the whole "terrorist" stuff he was about to do was all in his mind or something. If it had something to do with his girlfriend and the abortion she was about to have. She basically is sacrificing a life, a life that is part his own, because of religious issues. He can't do anything about it and is helpless. I don't know.


My question: Why have sex with a Muslim if you have such strong antagonistic feelings toward the religion? Adam wasn't exactly an irresistible hunk, IMO.

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