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The really offensive part of this movie was..

..the part where his girlfriend was telling him she was going to have an aboriton because she "can't have a muslim baby".. WTF? I'm not against women's right to choose but a baby doesn't have religious beliefs, a baby is not born with any religion whatsoever. There is no such thing as a christian child, or muslim child, everyone is born an atheist and religion only comes into play many years later as indoctrination from parents, churches, mosques, whatever the case, and even after that how someone really feels about religion only comes into play when they're old enough to analyze and understand it all for themself. She could still have the kid and raise it however she wants.

Bottom line, I really hope there aren't real people out there who believe that religion is a genetic inheritance like race and cannot be changed, ignored or rejected.. the notion of aborting a kid because of one of it's parents religions is so far beyond stupid it's criminal.


You cant be born an Athiest ether. Like Christianity, Islam, Judaisim, Hinduism, ect. Athieism is also a belief. They know about the consept of God and all, but they just dont belive in it. If you can be born an Atheist then you can most definitely be born a Muslim, Jew, Chrisitan, Hindu, ect.


Atheism is not a belief, as you point out in your post; we choose not to believe in fairy stories.

The choice not to believe is not a belief; it logically cannot be.

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People confuse Judaism, which is genetic, with other faiths which are just something that people believe in. But to have a Muslim father might be really threatening to a lot of women. Especially after these stories of children being abducted and taken to countries where Sharia law is paramount.

I just think that women who have that fear never have sex with Muslims. I wouldn't trust a "moderate Muslim" guy from having a life crisis that changes him into a fire-breathing radical. It happens and is unpredictable. The guy who was going to bomb Times Square is just a prominent example. I think Muslims should marry within their religion so that the wife has chosen the belief that her family holds. Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, agnostic, and atheist women should just avoid this religion. It is just not worth it. We know the globe is full of crazies trying to recruit the guys. One day you might wake up and not recognize the monster that your husband has become.

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You need to go back to school.

Maybe try finishing kindergarten this time