Looking for the field-sequential 3D DVD release

Does anybody have the field-sequential 3D DVD release of this film? I've tried to find it for a long time now. The one company that it is supposedly purchasable from (Ultimate3DHeaven) seems to no longer be selling products, even though they update their website certificate each year. I've tried to order the movie from that company twice in the last 5 months, but nothing ever happens. Anyway, I'm hoping that someone who reads this has it and wants to either sell it, or just make a copy of it, which I'd pay for.

The field-sequential 3D release of the DVD has the letters "hqfs" in a little box along the bottom of the DVD jacket spine, and also in a little box in the lower left-hand side of the back of the DVD jacket, next to the DVD logo. The UPC code on the back of the DVD jacket ends with the last four numbers being 5059. Let me know if you have this release. Thank you.