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20 things I learned while watching this movie

1> If you are black and from Minnesota, your accent will sound Irish... sometimes

2> Even if you rip off all your customers, when your fellow agent was suspiciously involved in a death, just pay out the entire claim.

3> Showing someone having her period while looking at her through the window really added to this movie.

4> If you can't get your pickup started and you curse at it a lot, it will start up eventually, giving you exactly enough time to back out of the barn and block your wife/sister from escaping.

5> If you really want to escape with your nephew/son, just try once. If you get caught, just give up.

6> If an insurance claim adjuster is feeling your scar, and you begin to hold his hand, it makes perfect sense to just cut right out of that scene and have Isold walking home in the middle of the blizzard by herself.

7> If I'm ever in a bar and the only other person is the barmaid and she weighs north of 300lbs, I'm getting the hell out of there.

8> If you run out of gas and someone picks you up, the first conversation should be about 5 minutes into the ride where you say he's going too fast for the weather conditions.

9> If you break in to the morgue (clinic) in the middle of the night, with the victim's sister (not really) and you get caught, it's ok that you're in there, even though you jimmied the lock. Don't worry, no one will call the cops when you're caught in there and even if you're caught by the cops, there's nothing wrong with what you did.

10> Just like in Cannonball run, a father/son cop team can NEVER EVER EVER be intelligent at all.

11> If you're a sleezy hillbilly, you can play in the snow with a no sleeve shirt and you won't even be cold.

12> In minnesota, the only thing that plays on television is a commercial of life insurance.

13> When the cops come across a burned vehicle with a charred body, they don't do anything until the insurance adjuster gets there.

14> When the cops find a dead corpse in a burned vehicle, they actually know WHO to call because there's only 1 life insurance company in the world.

15> If you drive a 1976 AMC Pacer, you will keep running off the road in Hastings.

16> When you're practically under water in a ditch with your car, keeping pressing on the gas, it'll probably just drive right out of there.

17> If you have something really important to tell the insurance adjuster about getting Thor, your conversation ends when the elevator door closes because you couldn't just step out to finish this seemingly important conversation.

18> If you try to cash a check in Minnesota, you don't need ID. The only problem you'll have is if there is a 1 day hold, which happens... I guess.

19> If your wife/sister breaks your legs after your car goes flying off the cliff, you'll eventually walk just fine again... not even a limp.

20> You could speed up behind a speeding truck, and just put the convertible top down with no problem... it won't come flying off.


yah i never needed an id to cash my checks up here.


HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH HILARIOUS. Thanks for brightening a few minutes of my workday :) :) :) :)

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Yer closer to the ultimate truth in this flick: How does one wipe?

What is the sound an imploding pimp makes?


Pretty funny. I'm not as alert as noticing plot holes as you. I found some of 'em though. Thanks for a laugh (and a bit of education).


LOL!!! That's great- thanks for that!

The 21st thing I learned:

If you set a car on fire with a person inside of it, and the fire totally obliterates the car and the person inside of it far beyond the capability of any type of identification, the ID inside the glove compartment will still remain intact.


22. Iceland - Minnisoata - Nova Socian --- What ever

23. If you walk wet & nekeed thru the snow all night & then get knocked out cold falling thru a roof ---
U'll wake up just fine. Several hours later, but U will wake, rilly, don't worry about it.

U can get happy in the same pant U got pissed in. - Becky Sue


24. It's ok to burn weeds right outside of a house. And it's even more ok to leave the fire unattended to go for a little stroll with the stranger who just walked out of the house you've encircled with fire.

--push pause!


That was really really funny. Thanks.



You are one droll cat! Thanks so much :)


25. If U imply they're watching --- lotta the peeps will do the rite thing

U can get happy in the same pant U got pissed in. - Sue


LMAO!! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh, you really brightened up a dull movie :)


Yeah... this movie is more style over substance than Abram's Star Trek movies. Nothing makes any sense, but it sure does look good.

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