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There actually is a real Hastings, Minnesota, and I live there!

I just saw this movie for the first time tonight (I'm on a Jeremy Renner kick, lol) and thought it was cool the name of the city was Hastings (where I live), then I came to the message boards and saw it takes place in MN, and I wonder if they were actually trying to say it takes place in my town. It doesn't look like that though, there are some towns in MN that do but Hastings is a suburb, very modern, that to me looked like North Dakota, lol
And for the record, we don't sound like that horrible accent, lol I also hated that Fargo exaggerated it. I have friends that live in Fargo and they don't sound like that either.

I liked the movie, although it boggled my mind a lot, and even after reading explanations of the plot in here, I still feel like my brain is working too hard to try to piece it all together. Let me see if I got it right. They are brother and sister, the kid is his and she's the kid's aunt. His real name is Kelvin but when he killed that guy from the bar he faked his death and started saying his name was Frederick McBride, since nobody knew him. Then he "married" Isolde so that they could both inherit the money from her brother's "death". The insurance guy knew they were hiding something, realized he killed a guy to fake his death, but felt sorry for her and the kid so he changed the policy to the fake name since then his "wife" (sister) could get it. I really need to watch this one again, lol

But I gotta say, I think this is one of Jeremy Renner's best roles. I have seen him play murderers and rapists but this was the only movie where I would really have been afraid of him! I think it was the opening scene, how ruthlessly he killed that guy. WOW. And he was so believable as a Northern red neck. That is exactly how guys up here are.