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What does this ( V ) mean

Hey.. I don't understand..
What does (V) mean? Near the Movie?

like.. " 7 Secods (V)" ...
Whats with this?

I know what TV means.. but what does (V) mean?


that the film went str8 to video. Do not pass go. Do not collect $200. And if the gap between theatrical releases and video releases keeps closing and if films keep doing poorly at the box office, then you'll probably see more and more films with that little appendage after their name.

explosions+one-liners+pointless plot+tearjerker scene+sex scenes=summer film


Straight to Video I guess



ya it means "straight-to-vid". This movie TOTally sucks btw. Come on now Snipes!

He did NOT know who he was f--kin' with - Riddick, Pitch Black