One-eyed Jack

In the "Two Spies" movie, the two spies take their orders from a man with a patch over his left eye that they (and Goldberg) take orders from. I know I've seen the actor in other movies, but I can't think who he is, or what else I've seen him in (I'm blaming the eye patch for throwing me off). I can't even find him in the credits. Does anybody know who he is? This is gonna drive me crazy.


How come u did't spot his name on the credits ?

ever wondered who does the narration on Armageddon ?
what about the Commissioner in Any given Sunday ?
not to mention his Marc Antony role in Antony & Cleopatra.....

He's Charlton Heston, undoubtly !!!

PS. Not the Two Spies movie but True Lies.
PPS. Charlton's role name was Spencer trilby.

it's not the tool, it's the craft - roland emmerich


You are completely wrong. It is not Charlton Heston. It is Charles Napier of Rambo part II fame. I don't know why his name is not in the credits, but it is definately him.


Charles Napier ????? U THINK ?????????

then why is Charlton Heston in here as the true lies eyepatch man in here ? ???/



he plays spencer trilby!

IF youre talking about true lies !

it's not the tool, it's the craft - roland emmerich