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just finished it... wtf did i just watch? spoilers

good concept but failed at execution.

so what the hell? the korean cop's grandfather is the killer of the woman in the beginning wearing a kimono? from watching that scene, i got the idea that the doll was the killer because the subtitle said that "little did he know that the doll was capable of loving him as well". the subtitles made it sound like the doll was jealous and so she killed the kimono girl. then i thought that the guy who made the doll went crazy and fell in love with the doll he made.

then we find out at the end that the kimono woman was actually killed by the cop's grandfather.

what's really confusing me was that the doll and the kimono woman were 2 separate beings or 2 separate souls (or at least that's what it seemed to be from the narrating of that woman at the beginning) but at the end, it seemed like the kimono woman possessed the doll then possessed that ugly old woman, then went on a killing galore.

can somebody please explain this to me? that's what i hate about these doggone korean horror movies. their plot holes stink!

I eat pieces of *beep* like you for breakfast.


I enjoyed this film but it wasn't really in a "wow" way the film just amused me throughly.

Okay your getting this mixed up I don't think you read the subtitles very well. The Guy at the very beginning created the doll as a symbol of love to the women in kimono, he cherished the doll so much that it developed a soul and began to love him. At the start of the movie when the narrator is explaining this, they explain it in a way so it looks like the doll is actually the killer of the women in the kimono and killed her due to jealously.

The women in the kimono is dead and doesn't exist as a 'soul' in the movie along with the guy. It was the doll who possessed, in your words, the ugly women (the doll won't be able to seek revenge in it's form and bring the houseguests to the mansion).

But they deleted some scenes which may have made this movie 'flow' in terms of your question.