Good grief, People!

I know there are lots of ABBA fans out there. Don't be shy! Come out of the "ABBA Closet" and announce to the world that you love them and not ashamed to say so!! *LOL* that I've gotten that off my chest, I'm feeling much better!


I never gave ABBA a second thought until January 2005 when I heard Fernando on the radio (not for the first time of course) and realised how much I liked it. I picked up the "GOLD" hits CD and after only one listen I was besotted. Next purchase was "In Concert". They put on an exciting show.

I'm 40 years old and regret that I never took the group seriously until now. Better late than never.

~~Gratia et pax~~


indeedy, another fan is here ;)

Ehup me duck!


I don't understand the stigma attached to liking ABBA. I like ABBA amongst many other bands and I am not ahsamed to say. And ABBA is not a gay thing either, I am straight but other ABBA 'fans' may be Gay.

Sexuality doesn't determine your musical tastes.

"The face of evil is ugly to look upon. And as the pleasures increase, the face becomes uglier."


its a label they got, kitchsy, meaning not popular. but they are, everyone dances to dancing queen when it comes on, useless to deny it :P


I was around 12 (I'm 18 now) so Abba was long gone in the media. So I heard this group called A*teens that covered alot of Abba's hits on their debut CD. So I bought their CD and out came a flyer for Abba's singles and CDs when I opening the packaging. I started to research their songs after that, and loved them so much that I went out and bought their Definitive Collection. I've loved them ever since!

It's so hard to find ppl my age who love Abba as much as I do. Usually when I say "Abba is my favourite band" they go "What? Who's Abba?"



I don't understand the stigma attached to liking ABBA

I don't either. I've been an ABBA fan since 1980 and I remember not telling anyone because back in the 80's it was a sin to like anything 70's.

Throughout the 90's until present ABBA has gotten a lot of recognition and respect from several music critics and artists which is great but certain people, especially in the male population, cannot get past ABBA's outdated images such as the feathered hair, skin tight polyester suits, the 10-story platforms. Let's not forget that several artists in the 70's looked even worse; David Bowie, Elton John, Gary Glitter but since ABBA broke up in 82, their image became frozen in time and that along with their music is what's mostly remembered.

Regardless, a group does not sell 300 million albums worldwide for being kitschy and lame. Like a music critics stated when questioning ABBA's popularity today, Gary Glitter may sell tickets to a concert but he can't sell 20 million albums (like ABBA GOLD has) 20 years later.

ABBA's music is extraordinary and I never get tired of listening to it and I must say that the sound created when combining Agnetha's soprano-pop and Frida's sultry mezzo was and is intoxicating. I think they were 2 of the finest vocalists ever in popular music.



Abba made some of the best commercial pop music of their time. And considering none of them were native English speakers the song writing was a great achievement. They looked good in their music clips (which they really pioneered long before MTV). They were polished on stage and the hits just kept coming. I was a teen in the mid 70s and had the biggest crush on Agnetha. She was quite a babe. Abba appealed to the younger teens of the era especially. Given a choice of punk, hard rock or country, or ABBA...

The proof of the popularity is how the songs will live on into the future. They will still be playing Beatles and ABBA in 2100. Most of the bands of today will be unknown by then.


Tabby S.