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WEIRD character (may contain spoilers!)

Did anyone else find it weird when Raima Sen makes a huge hullabaloo about Sunil Shetty trying to kill the goon who was robbing the poor lady at the restaurant?
No.1: He's with the Canadian police...I mean as a cop, it's his duty to stop any activity of this kind.
No.2: After the goon robs the lady, he slits her with a many people would sit and just blindly watch that?
No.3: She doesn't start shouting "Dan...Dan" after Dan beats the *beep* out of the thief...she starts shouting the moment he gets up from his seat. As a police officer's wife, she should already be well versed with her husband's duties as a cop.
No.4: What's the big dead for a cop in shooting a guy who's trying to kill his wife?
and THEN she blames HIM for the death of the baby....she was so STOOPID..if she hadn't started shouting in the first place..maybe the thieves wouldn't have even thought of putting her at gun-point and then her baby would have still been alive.
Poor character development, anyone?