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Nickelodeon is reportedly in talks with Jamie Lynn Spears to reboot Zoey 101

A revival of the hit Nickelodeon boarding school-set teen series, which aired from 2005 to 2008, would focus on Spears' Zoey Brooks a decade after the events of the series finale, TMZ reports. Zoey 101 would be the latest classic Nick series to get a second life. "First, we're told the premise of the show would follow Zoey's life in SoCal ten years later at the age of 28 -- only this time, she'd have a couple of kids in the mix," reports TMZ. "Unclear if she'd have a partner or not, or if she's still involved with her character's longtime love interest, Chase. However, our sources tell us this would be 'Zoey with an edge' ... whatever that means." Spears, 28, gave birth to her first child at age 17 one month after the Zoey 101 finale aired.