Alter Egos

For those interested, Alter Egos is airing this Sunday on CBC Newsworld @ 7PM.

Ryan Larkin and Chris Landreth are Alter Egos. Ryan Larkin is living every artist's worst nightmare: losing his ability to create, to provide for himself, he's panhandling on the street to make ends meet. But more than thirty years ago, he was among the world's most celebrated animators, and an Oscar* nominee for his seminal film Walking. Chris Landreth, a rising star in the world of animation, is on an opposite trajectory in his career, and beginning to experience the kind of adulation Larkin saw decades earlier.
Directed by: Laurence Green

And for those that have access to CBC on demand....



We recently watched this in a film class. Very sad and moving film.


I saw this movie on the Link movie channel (if anyone has it) and I think it will be available again. Just a tip for anyone who wants to watch this amazing film.