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FREE TORONTO 35mm Screening!

Come see two great Japanese Films shown back-to-back!

At 7pm
Ping Pong (2002)-
"Perhaps the best sports movie I've ever seen." — Eugene Novikov, FILM BLATHER
The film traces the growth and friendship of 2 very different high school ping pong players, who compete in an extreme sport version of ping pong. The eye popping special effects have been compared to 'The Matrix'.

At 9:30pm:
Taste of Tea(2004)-
Director Katsuhito Ishii pays homage to Yasiujiro Ozu with this psychedelic twist on Ingmar Bergman's FANNY AND ALEXANDER. Revolving around an eccentric family, the film follows mom (an aspiring animator), dad (a hardworking hypno-therapist), their hormonal teenage son, and grandpa (who has ambitions of becoming a rock star). Meanwhile, the baby of the family, Sachiko, tries to escape the hauntings of a 60-foot ghost, and a visit from an uncle just adds to the general craziness.

Shown in an original 35mm print, as always for FREE!

The screenings will take place Friday, November 23rd, at 7pm. The location of the screening is at Innis Town Hall- 2 Sussex Ave., Toronto, On.

Feel free to invite as many friends and family as you would like!

If you have a Facebook and would like more information: