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If you enjoyed this title our database also recommends: The Grudge!?!

Seriously? Someone needs to fix that. This movie is no Grudge. Perhaps the only thing they share in common is that they're both Japanese.


Lol. That is funny.


Yeah, and Belle de jour?

I haven't seen this film, but from IMDB's description its an erotic thriller about a frigid housewife who moonlights as a prostitute ?!??

How does that movie in any way relate to Taste of tea?


The only link I can think of between Belle de Jour and Taste of Tea is 'surrealism', but to relate the 2 films by only it is just too narrowing and shallow.

(note: Belle de Jour is the brilliant work of Luis Bunuel, the master of surrealism)


The other possible connection to all or some of the movies recommneded was that it had a plot surrounding a wife/housewife..(excuse my bad typing my hand is bandanged)

Belle DuJour - main character housewife/wife

The Grudge - I only saw the American remake and if it's similar the main character is wife/housewife.

I didn't check out the rest..

It's very narrow and I agree the feature is nice to have but it's NOT very accurate I've seen other movies and they recommnended ones I've seen also aND they were no where near similar in plot/themes..



it may also have to do with the roles of young children in both the grudge and taste of tea. i haven't seen the other other recommended title.


it may very well be that the connection is simply: neither of them are American films.

though, the version of The Grudge they display may have been the same Japanese director of the original, it is none the less an American production. they should have listed the original version if they felt they had to include that title at all. :\

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