Wild chickens?

Is there such a thing as wild chickens, laying eggs here and there on the forest floor, in the forests of Japan?

Are they anything like the millions of Free Range Chickens that used to roam the plains of the U.S., before they got wiped out along with the buffalo? (just kidding).

I am assuming that the director/writer made up the concept of wild chickens in the forests of Japan, but I am curious and thought I'd better double check.



They weren't so much "wild" as escaped. I think he mentions that the chickens probably was escapee from some nearby chicken coop. As my family here in sweden used to keep some chickens for household eggs (nothing tastes better than food you produce yourself;)). They where about a dozen and we never kept them in a fence during summer. They walked out in the morning and by the evening we shut the door and everyone where usually accounted for. There is however the risk in this system that chickens wander off and find someplace else to start nesting and it seems that the area around the forest in the film was a good place for chickens since they seemingly stayed there.

Or their owner just passed away and the flock managed to survive.

Or there are wild chickens in japan, What do I know? ;)


I have a friend who lives in New Zealand and she has wild chickens living near her farm. She told me that they nest in the trees.

Fed him three sardines and let him go.(Mordecai)


I can't really speak for Japan in so much, but here in Hawaii there are wild chickens everywhere, especially in the more country islands like Kauai, and they just lay eggs in weird spots, like behind my washer/drier. I think lots of the chickens here probably were originally domestic, and I can imagine similar situations in Japan, especially in more country areas like in the movie.