Shooting location

Does anyone know whereabouts this film was shot?


Mainly in Motegi, Tochigi Prefecture.


Thank you for the answer.


Are you familiar with Motegi? I'm curious about a couple specific scenes like this one -

I'm assuming this is along the Naka river and this looked pretty close although it looks like they've updated the railings on all the bridges in the area -,+Haga+District,+Tochigi+Prefecture,+Japan/@36.563688,140.242897,3a,26.6y,302.84h,79.39t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1sp-WXHnwxt1folwqEaUADyA!2e0!4m2!3m1!1s0x6021f01b506ea985:0xbf7878ac6bf0734a?hl=en

Ideally I'd love to find the bike paths in Hajime's biking really aggressive scene -

Which seem to lead to somewhere on (again a total guess) the karasuyama line.

If you know any other locations that'd be amazing.



Sorry, I'm not familiar with Tochigi pref.

I could tell it's Motegi simply because I'm Japanese
and have Japanese DVD which includes making-of.

So I can't answer your specific questions.

However, I found a Japanese blogger who visited some of the shooting locations
and uploaded the photos in 4 parts.
They may provide some related informations for you.

Here's what I got from his articles:


Photo 1: The Mo-oka railroad bridge
Near the opening, Hajime sees the train crossing the bridge, sending off the girl.
The bridge is on the Kokai-gawa river, south to the Mashiko station.

Photo 2: Kibata elementary school, Kibata, Motegi-cho
where Sachiko attends.
Some time after the movie, the school was closed and turned into a hotel.

Photo 3: Coffe shop "Romanchi"

The blogger claims he didn't recall the exact location,
but probably soon after crossing the town border
while he drove on the route 294 from Motegi to Mashiko.


In this part, the blogger tried to find the Harunos' house.
A man in the Motegi ward office told him it was built for the movie
and destroyed after the shooting.

The set was built in the area called Magino.

Photo 1: The Magino area (including Naka-gawa river) as seen from Mt. Kamakura

The scene where Ayano (Tadanobu Asano) first appears,
was shot near the top of this mountain.

Photo 2: The Naka-gawa riverside

Where the riverside scene was shot.
It's near the noodle shop Oh-ido-an.

Photo 3: The Oh-fuji-bashi bridge over the Naka-gawa river

While the bridge doesn't appaer in the moive,
it's very near the place where the riverside scene was shot.
Also, the shop used as Akira's shop, is near this bridge.


(No photo:) Hajime's high school

Mainly shot in the Haga junior high in Haga-machi,
but partially shot in Motegi and Mashiko highschools.

The blogger learned the Haga junior high was renovated a few year back,
and it looked different from the one in the movie.

Photo 1: Kobana station, JR Karasuyama line
can be seen when Hajime comes home from the school.

Photo 2: Terauchi station, Maoka railroad.

After the Harunos got off at this station,
some punks abducts a passenger.


All photos: Cherry blossoms in the opening scene.

This is not in Motegi, but
in the northern part of Sano (also in Tochigi),
along the Akiyama-kawa river.

That's all I can tell for now.
Hope this helps.


This is amazing, thank you so much for your help with this. This makes it much easier to find these locations!

I'll try and match up the locations to google street view now and share what I find.