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A Movie for Kids . . .


. . . but, unfortunately, there was some sexual content, maybe for those in their late teens/early 20's, and violence.

It's a B movie all around . . . acting, character depth, and direction.

More background into David Ingram's character, Victor Ventura, would have given the movie more substance. As it was, we received a curt "I don't know" when he was asked if his family members had any powers. It shows that the writer(s) didn't care enough to put much effort into drawing in a more mature audience.

Perry Mucci's character, Norman Neale, was an annoyance. Even though he was in his 20's, he behaved as if he was in his mid teens.

Mackenzie Lush's character, Andrea Hicks, reminded me of a high school cheerleader wannabe in love with the captain of the football team.

John Illingworth's character, Mr. Richmond, was a condescenging male chauvinist and completely unbelievable as a company head.

The reamining characters had additional intelligence-insulting flaws.

Last, but not least, the concept of the same two initials of the first and last names of main characters is taken from "Superman," as is the curl in the middle of Victor Ventura's forehead and the eye glasses he wears.

I stopped watching the movie about 40 minutes into it. It was too painful to watch.


Actually the alliteration thing wasn't just superman, and it was mostly coined by Stan Lee. And while it was by no means a masterpiece, it was a good low-budget movie that told a good little story. It didn't really need to be more than that.