There are 5 chapters to that wonderful documentary on Bergman.

While you'll learn more than you ever wanted about how a genius director creates a film, the chapter on Post-Production was the most revealing to me.

Bergman must have driven his film editor crazy with the director's attention to detail and perfectionism in getting just what he wanted into the final product.

In that chapter, Bergman admits to filming actors and actresses to please them, all the while knowing that he'll delete those scenes from the final cut "because they don't add anything". He also says..."Yes, that's the rule in filmmaking...but there are also 10,000 exceptions that I won't go into now..."!

He says there is too much music background in film. To him, the image on screen is music, and adding a musical score " like adding music to music".

For anyone enchanted by perfect filmmaking, this documentary has to be seen.

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