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4.3? This was a GREAT movie.

This one doesn't go in all the directions your typical thriller goes and I think that threw alot of people off. It's almost handled with a sort of realism in terms of people's motivations and the way they act. Each bad guy has his own personality and morals and this feeds the film in a way that requires more patience and thought but that is totally rewarding. I put off buying this movie for years and now I wish I would not have waited so long! For example, the first bad guy they kill is actually the only guy that would have been willing to help them at the time-but the way it's set up they don't know that! Just an example and I don't think too much of a spoiler. This movie blew me away but it will go unnoticed until the world ends which is a damn shame. I hope this film was at least seen in it's native country. With all of the crap that comes out nowadays this flick was like that first gasp of air after spitting saltwater out of my lungs. Highly recommended IMHO.

"I've seen things in this city that make Dante's Inferno read like Winnie The Pooh."