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Seriously the Worst movie I've ever seen. Seriously.

It is so bloody bad, I'm not kidding there isn't one remotely funny scene. All the comedy is easy to see coming, dave berry is unlikable, i just dont get who would make this film. And I like everything. I havn't liked 2 movies in my entire life, and this is one of them. Like I couldn't write in here long enough about the problems I have with this film. I seriously can say I can not see anyone ever liking this movie. The only 2 performances that I would say are even decent are that by Lochlyn Munro and John Cleese, who atleast with their own acting abilities add a hint of humour. Oh God what an awful film. Do not waste your time on this piece of garbage.


Piece of garbage.... how funny!! Thats where I just threw my copy, I couldn't stand seeing it on the shelf anymore