I was subjected to this god-awful bore on a bus ride this weekend. Y'know if we hadn't been going 65+ mph down the interstate, I just might have thrown open the emergency exit and done a tuck & roll into traffic to escape this.
So it rehashed all the ancient and trite guy stereotypes that have been trod through a thousand times before. And 'twas nothing more than a recital of tired stereotypes--without putting its own creatively amusing spin on the issue, without adding anything *new*.
But what I hated even more was the movie's portrayal of women. Now, I am not some kind of feminist watchdog ever-vigilant against any offensive portrayal of women in the media. Well, I suppose the women in the movie were offensive, but as this movie is just a trivial bit of fluff, we can let that slide.
No, the problem was how ANNOYING all the female characters were. They were just grating to watch...the sensation was something akin to watching those insipid women in the Yoplait commercials. You know the broads--"Ohhh, this is NEW SHOES good!"
But THAT is not even what I hated most.
The worst of the worst is this tragic pallor cast over the repute of the otherwise brilliant John Cleese. Why, oh, WHY was he in this load of guano? Did he lose a bet? Owe someone a favor? boggles the mind.
Geez, even Lochlyn Munro (who is,like C-list, at best) seems too good for this project...