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Is this guy the 'Soup Nazi' from Seinfeld?

Is the "Soup Nazi" from Seinfeld based on Kenny Shopsin?


No I never saw a single episode of Seinfield but when I lived in NY one of the local TV news stations visited the real one and showed a clip of the show then showed him and although it was many years ago I am very sure it was not him.

Also I did a Wikipedia check and pasted the results below

"The Soup Nazi" was Spike Feresten's first credited Seinfeld episode as a writer. The idea for the episode arose when Feresten told Jerry Seinfeld and Larry David about New York soup vendor Al Yeganeh, who was nicknamed "The Soup Nazi."[1] Seinfeld and David laughed and said "That's a show. Do that as your first show."[1] Feresten's inspiration for the armoire subplot was a New York apartment building in which he had lived, which forbade moving furniture on certain days.[1] The armoire thieves were written as homosexual because Larry David decided that "only gay guys would steal an armoire."[1] The first cast table reading for "The Soup Nazi" was held on September 28, 1995,[2] and it was filmed before a studio audience on October 3.[2] In the episode, Elaine (Julia Louis-Dreyfus) imitates Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. This was done at Jerry Seinfeld's suggestion, even though Louis-Dreyfus had never seen the film.[3]

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