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Does anyone know what happened to the old location?

The land lord seemed a bit greedy trying to jack up the rent (I think he was paying $6,000 a month). It seemed like a small space to be paying that much and I hope he is getting less money from his new tenant.

Sometimes raising the rent winds up getting you less money if the space winds up empty for a long time while you try to find a new tenant.

For example if the landlord was getting $6,000 a month and is now getting $6,500 but it took him 3 months to find new tenant he lost $18,000 and the extra $500 he is getting will take him 3 years to make up the money he lost while it was empty

I am broke, I spent my money on fast cars, guns, and ammo, they rest my money was wasted


I found the location on google street view it appears to be another resturant and also appears the space has been remodled and isn't such a dump. Anyway it was at the corner of Bedford and Morton.