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'...because I lost all my money in the stock market...'

He said that his stupidity in the "stock market" is what caused him lose a ton of money. I cant help but think this:...(and might be wrong, but it's not that far fetched!)

Ok, so he had that place right smack in Greenwich Village from early 70's on, right?...The Genovese Crime Family had their 'headquarters' right in the village. Frank "Funzi" Tierri (bad man) was the street boss from 1972-80. Then from 81-92 Fat Tony Salerno(really bad man)was we all know the mafia's MAIN money maker is EXTORTION. To anyone who's not sure exactly what that is, it's just the mob taking a percentage of a business in exchange for "protection"...basically, if they didn't pay up, they'd get their place shot up, or legs broken, etc...It's like bully's in school taking your lunch money....but a big percentage, and with a gun to your head most likely. SO many businesses went bankrupt in NYC because of the mafia.

So I guess you get my point. I think a captain (or soldier) went to Shopsin and said, "I want __% of EVERYTHING you make, or I will make your life hell" (in so many words)

You all will probably say Ive been watching too many mob movies (well, I have, but that's not the point lol) I have watched tons of Biography's on big mob bosses, captains, etc, on youtube. I cant believe some of the stuff I learned from them...and most of them straight from the mouths of the bad guys themselves.

So who would actually admit that the mob extorted most of your money? Many men have told their wives & family they lost money in the market, when in actuality they were strong-armed.

Before you all race for that reply button to tell me I'm wrong and that's stupid, bla bla bla.....really think about it. It's not THAT crazy.