Went not too long ago...

...still a miracle!

The mac and cheese pancakes are lift-your-heart wonderful.

If you ever have a chance GO GO GO.

Oh, and go early. There will be a line.


7 dollars for a grilled cheese? LOL..SEVEN dollars for bread a cheese. YIKES.

Want a glass of fresh squeezed orange juice? only 5 bucks!

Feel like just plain regular pancakes? Not a problem, only 18 bucks!

btw, I just went to shopsins.com and checked out their menu, that's how I found the prices....but DAMN, there is a TON of stuff

edit: I made a mistake...regular pancakes are $8.... 'slutty cakes'(pumpkin, peanut butter, pistachios, cinnamon), are $18


isn't it in it's 3rd location now? I haven't been back to NY in awhile but after years away I'm not sure I'd have the patience to do everything the "right" way to get served and not thrown out on my ass;)


I went on 2013/03/14. It's now in Essex Market, just off Delancey Street. There was a wait for a table (there are only about 6), and the food took a while to appear - but it was very tasty and worth the wait.

Nobody was thrown out while I was there, and the waiter barely insulted anyone. Mr. Shopsin himself was quite nice when I spoke to him briefly while leaving.