Magic Carpet restaurant

From what I gather, Shopsin's has since moved on from the former Magic Carpet location on Carmine St, but I didn't quite understand some parts of the deal to move there. I get that one of Shopsin's patrons found out that the restaurant was being forced to move and that he told them there was restaurant space in his building. But when Kenny Shopsin was walking through Magic Carpet with Samir (who I'm guessing was the owner), and Kenny started nitpicking and slagging different features about the restaurant, Samir got really upset and said that he had been offered (I think) $300K for the place from someone else, which, though I can't remember the exact amount Kenny was going to pay for the Magic Carpet location, was much, much higher than what Kenny was going to pay. So why didn't Samir take the $300K offer instead of selling to Kenny for such a low cost? I know that not everything in business deals work out, but was the building forcing Samir to take this deal and at such a low cost? I dunno, something about that whole thing just didn't sit right with me. If Samir had truly gotten an offer that high, if the location was worth that much, it didn't seem to fair to me that Kenny should get such a low price. I like Kenny and though I've never been to Shopsin's, it seems like an awesome restaurant, but I didn't want Samir to get ripped off either.

To his credit, Kenny apologized to Samir when he started getting angry, and he actually sounded like he meant it. That rather surprised me, but then Kenny strikes me as a very complex man anyway.


It could be that Samir was just fibbing about getting a higher offer. He was insulted and that was the only way he could fight back. I think Kenny knew but sympathized with Samir's hurt feelings & false bravado as a result.