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Does anyone else watch this show for laughs?

^____^ Their accent kills me. I think they over-exaggerate it to fit the show's theme or either they're from a very rural part of Savannah, because I know people from Savannah and they don't speak like that.

And have you noticed the way her eyes get when she samples a dish? It's hilarious! Her face goes from :) to BP
One time I think I even saw them go criss-cross. It frightens me.

And don't forget the adult humor! XD hahaha



Their are no Hills anywhere near Albany,GA. It's very flat territory in Southern Georgia, very close to Thomasville, Georgia where Joanne Woodward was born and raised. The only Hills in Georgia are in the Northern territory, so don't be calling someone else dummy.

However, their accents are not exaggerated, for there are people who were raised 30 miles outside of Atlanta who speak exactly like the Deans. So if you are only watching the show for laughts, it's probably best you turn over to the comedy channel and get a life.