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The 2000 Year Old Man ----- The Complete History

Back in April 2002 I finally found "The 2000 Year Old Man" TV show on DVD. Having not seen the show since it was on TV so many years ago, it was great to view it again. ----- Last week I got an even greater surprise! ----- I found "The 2000 Year Old Man ----- The Complete History" on CD and DVD. ----- The boxed set has three CDs which has all four of the record albums that were released years ago, and then on CD, and a DVD which has the original 1975 animated TV show and plus "The 2000 Year Old Man" appearances on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1961 and The new Steve Allen show in 1961 and a Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks discussion in 2009. ----- Plus the box the CDs and DVD come in has a 20 page booklet with many pictures of Carl Reiner and Mel Brooks with text telling us about the making of "The 2000 Year Old Man". ----- For fans of Mel Brooks and Carl Reiner the set is well worth it to own. ----- ----- Rusty

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