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What is best ? This or Valkyrie ?

Is Valkyrie alot better than this version or would it be wise to watch the original.. I must say apart from "hunt for red october" and "the boy n the stripped pyjamas" translated movies normaly suck..

Plz what is best, this or Valkyrie ?



For the recreation of the actual events of July 20th this is actually closer to fact overall than Cruise/Singer's Valkyrie - they have elements that Valkyrie, being a piece that seeks to honour the heroes of July 20, cut out, such as Field-Marshal von Witzleben's upbraiding of Stauffenberg for botching the whole thing and General Beck's rather cowardly suicide attempt. They also include Berthold von Stauffenberg, which is good and have more details of what happened during the actual day itself.

That being said the lead up to it is not so good - its downright insulting to the memories of some of the people involved. Two of the most nauseating are Stauffenberg encountering a drunken General Fellgiebel in the washroom - Fellgiebel seems to be the constant target for ridicule both here and in Valkyrie though Valkyrie makes him less ridiculous. In actuality Fellgiebel was in on the plot long before Stauffenberg joined, was a very fervent anti-Nazi and only was kept on because, the nerd that he was, he was so brilliant at running the communications net that he could not be done away with.

The other instance is Claus and Nina von Stauffenberg's fight before Claus goes off to deliver the bomb. THIS IS COMPLETELY FICTIONAL! It's worse because this was done and shown in Germany when Countess Nina was still alive. How insulting was that?? Inventing a ridiculous thing like that for the sake of drama?? channel/

Just take the earlier events with a grain of salt.

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Leaving aside questions of historical accuracy, Tome Cruise's Valkyrie was a much better film. This film (Operation Valkyrie)did a poor job in the introduction and fleshing of characters. Despite the name of the film, it was not even explained clearly what Valkyrie was. Valkyrie was also better in describing the events leading to the final assassination attempt, while this film had serious problems in its pacing. For example, just after Stauffenberg's scene at the hospital, in the next scene we altready see him dictating the document about Hitler's death to Tresckow's secretary.

This film was also too simplistic in regard to Stauffenberg's motives. The idea that he came to the conclusion that Hitler had to be removed after after a few German defeats, and after hearing a single woman describing Nazi atrocities was outright silly.

While how the film would end was a foregone conclusion, Valkyrie was still able to generate suspense and grip the viewer's attention until the end. This one seemed to be as exciting or suspenseful as an average episode from the History Channel, but without the latter's usual clarity in exposition.


This movie was slightly better. Tom Cruise talking with an American accent in English was incredibly lame!


id have to say Valkyrie is the better film, as has been mentioned there wasn't enough detail on what operation Valkyrie is,who the main player's where and the worst bit was Stauffenberg speech at the end.

"i hope for peace, where everyone can be free and equal blah blah" is totally at odds with the person Stauffenberg was to all accounts was disillusioned with Hitler's leadership but still opted for a totalitarian state.

I understand why German media portrays Stauffenberg as a hero maybe he is, but don't think of him if he succeeded off being a loving democratic liberal, he wasn't.