okay chick flick

This film is pretty much a chick flick. I imagine most guys would not like it. Especially those looking to see a film about hockey. It's more about someone who loves hockey, than about hockey itself.

The film had potential. I would have loved to see a great hockey film that revolved around women, instead of men for a change. I think Jessalyn Gilsig who plays the lead, "Paula", has the acting skills to have handled whatever the script required, I found Juliette Marquis who plays "Felli" to be intriguing, Margot Kidder who plays Paula's mom has enough skill to provide the film some comic relief, the boy who plays Paula's son was cute and all, Jason Priestly was a good casting choice as a potential mate for Paula, and I even found the varied characters who come together to make the hockey team to be interesting ... but unfortunately, all those elements just never amounted to much. I think the biggest weakness of the film is that it just tried to be too many different things. The story and tone of the film just was not focused enough. It starts off okay, but it doesn't take too long before you start to see it just fall apart. At times, it's too choppy, characters aren't developed fully, certain things aren't believable, and the film even seems to contradict itself at times.

While it was disappointing to see so much potential wasted, I did still find the portrait of the town to be interesting and I was able to empathasize with Paula's struggles throughout the film. It was just kind of a nice little film.

Definitely had its flaws, but if you like chick flicks and aren't too critical of a movie watcher, you might want to check this one out.