big piece of crap

Caught this on Cinemax by accident. Ended up watching it with the interest of a train wreck. It's so bad you know you should turn it off, but the hockey player inside me kept watching hoping the hockey would get better. Either way, this movie is just bad. Bad in every way. Especially if you know anything about hockey. But it's just bad in general terms of film.

If you have ever played hockey (I played from youth through a little AA pro level, to tell you where I'm coming from) you will find all the hockey from on ice to the locker room comically ridiculous and sometimes frustrating to watch. I hope people don't see this and think any of it is remotely possible (any women's team defeating any men's team is absurd, my high school's Varsity B team scrimmaged women's Team USA and won comfortably for example) or reflective of what even adult league hockey is like.

If you want to watch a hockey movie that is fairly true to life from a hockey standpoint watch Youngblood or Miracle. No other hockey movies exist that display hockey with actual talented players.

...without me Jack could not regulate his heart rate, blood pressure or breathing.


The guy who commented before me is right. That movie sucked pretty bad. I was hoping for some good hockey, or something that would be at least entertaining - i love hockey - and this film falls flat. It drags, has no real emotion or vitality to it, and you really couldnt give a rats ass about the main character. I just finished watching about two minutes ago, and i have no idea what the main character woman thing was called.

Something that was more accurate about girls hockey would have been nice. Something that was more accurate about hockey in general would have been nice.
Something with a story might have been nice.
Something with a pulse would have been nice.

This is the worst hockey movie I've seen.


*** Please try to understand this before one of us dies... ***


This guy's absolutely right. I watched this movie and thought it was absolute crap. By the looks of the hockey scenes in this movie (the only parts I actually bothered watching), there was body contact. Any girls team would be absolutely crushed with body contact in any hockey game.

The worst part about it is that it's a Canadian movie. No Canadian guy could sit through that without wanting to throw something through a wall because it's such obvious feminist *beep* I do like Canadian movies, don't get me wrong. Going The Distance is one of my favourites, but this I can't even take.


Yet another misandrist film to boost womens ego's by showing they're better than men and can beat them at a mans game, and in public.

Wonder if a film would be made if the roles were reversed?

I guess thats why films like this are fantasy, not grounded in reality in any way. I actually read an article on a group of women who did start their own hockey group and played the local kids team. Aged around 8 and lost 6-nil.

At least make films believable.


my girls team beat a midget boys team (same age as us). So i dont think the fact that the girls won makes it bad..its just a bad movie in general.