Transformation Switch

Who thinks that Sailor moon and Sailor Venus's tranformations should be switched. You know what,for those who haven't seen it here is Moon...


I've always known Sailor Moon to have the more elaborate transformation. But her transformation is like everyone else's

EX: Sailor Mercury

However Venus's transformation is very different and a way better quality.


Who else here thinks they should be switched?...


Yeah, I agree. They should be switched, or at least make SM's extended.


I don't much care who has what transformation. But for the love of God, Usagi's 3-D pigtails HAVE to go

~Kamikaze Girl at heart~



I think it was cool the way it was


Venus's is probably more elaborate because the special effects crew had properly worked out what they were doing. much like how Mercury's dark transformation is better than her normal one


I liked all of the switches. Very well done. Sailor Venus's was certainly the more elaborate.


It's been common knowledge that Venus' transformations are always more flashy then the others. She is the leader of the Sailor Senshi(While Usagi is Sailor Moon, she is also Princess Serenity and the other 4 are her protectors.)

Both in the anime and in Live Action Venus wants to be/is a famous idle and would only suit her to have a flashy transformation.