Rei comes out

Act 6, at about 7:44.

She tells Usagi that she is "that type", if you know what she means. :D

I knew she was in love with Minako, but I can't believe I missed that the first time I watched the show.



Woah, that's really cool. I'll have to check that out. I wonder why they didn't continue on with that... they should of. Probably because it's a kids show and the Japanese way is to sort of let things be unsaid, or stated outright. But still, Rei would make for a really hot lesbian: she's the best looking one on the show. =P

Give it a 10:



A lesbian? I guess she could be...

I just assumed that she wasn't into any kind of dating or relationships at all, like her manga counterpart.

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"I knew she was in love with Minako."

If... you... say so......

I think you're reading things into the story that aren't there. When I saw your post, I went back and watched the episode in question, which I have in the non-perv fansub edition (I don't think the perv version made it past Act 1; I hope it didn't, at any rate). I haven't seen the Hong Kong DVD set, so I don't know how their English translation rendered it.

The line you refer to could simply mean that Rei's not the gushy, boy-crazy "type" that Usagi is. If her meaning was that she was a lesbian, I think Usagi, Ami, and Luna would all have been a bit more scandalized at the revelation, but they didn't even bat an eye.

It's not that the idea is inconceivable; back in the days of the manga there were rumors about Rei and Mina (flatly denied by Naoko Takeuchi herself). But if that was indeed something the creators of PGSM had in mind, surely they would have developed it further (you'd be surprised the things that are allowed in children's shows in Japan). But nothing was ever done with the notion, assuming it was even on their minds; indeed, as we see by "Special Act," Rei has opted for a life of solitude.

I think the relationship between Rei and Minako was nothing more than two personalities who realized-- and refused to admit!-- that they were just too alike, resulting in their frequent clashes. Of course they loved each other, as all the team loved each other, but that's all. It was a friendship, and there's no reason for it to be anything other.

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OMG I never realised that!!! Thats massive!


let's not forget the episode of the anime where Rei's head floats up her skirt

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