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13 years passed but still can't get over

13 years passed but still can't get over how ugly girls they choose to portray Usagi and Minako. Rei, Ami and Mako's characters suit the actresses well but Usagi and Minako 's actresses were below the average looking and were wooden. The princess of the moon would be so much prettier than Sawaii Miyu, i mean what's the matter with her too flat nose and uneven teeth. A guy like Mamoru would really fall for a girl like her twice? And don't even start with the soldier of love and beauty. More like a soldier of grumpiness and meh-ness. And some of the yoma and the costumes, weapons look so cheap and kids-toy look-a-like with a thick plastic material. Still watch it every now and then. Wish they made a spin-off with Ami and Nephrite though or Motoki and Makoto


LMFAO totally agree with you. Actually this many years later, I've outgrown all these shows. But I do remember thinking the exact same thing about Sawaii Miyuu, her blah face and nasty teeth (same goes for Komatsu... huge head, bad teeth). Ditto on the cheap plastic toys. It's all cringeworthy to me now but kept me entertained when I was younger I guess.