Really good... but a sad ending

I liked this movie quite a bit, caught it on tv today (a nice surprise), but the ending seemed to be a little too sad.

After everything had happened on set, chaos and more chaos, the old man with such high hopes and excitement about appearing on tv, to the extent of renting a tv just for the occasion, only to find that the director didn't keep his word and cut out his only scene in the film. Quite sad, really.

Also the last scene with the tv blowing up in front of the group of chavs was a little tacked on and an insult to injury.

Otherwise, top notch.


Yes, the ending was awfully sad. "Cuppa tea and a Jaffa cake, dear?" That was a nice touch. Should have ended there, I agree about the scene with the chavs.

Zack Gregson
"I think you're the cause of all this! I think you're evil! Evil!


the scene was supposed to poke fun...a bunch of young "cool" kids, loud music, SWEARING and EXPLOSIONS, all tv shows have to have them = )