All women are whores?

I did not really like this movie. It's worth maybe a 6.3 on my imdb scale.

Anywho, I read a few rants and didn't see anyone bring this up : why are all women whore in this movie?

Well okay, there are 2 women in this movie and only one of them is actually a whore. However, the wife was OBVIOUSLY attracted to Ben Wade ("I didn't think he would be like that", the long stares and what not).

I mean, I totally understand there were going for that charming devil, but Russell Crowe did NOT pull that off - at all.

Just saying stuff like "you've got beautiful green eyes like the sea" does not make your character automatically charming.

Analogically, it was like watching Situation from Jersey Shore hooking up with some laughably dumb bimbos, just with less 6 packs and spray tan.

That detail, to me, added insult to the injury as I agree with most of the rants on this board.

But sure - it's a western! Let's rate it high since cowboys are cool! And let's not watch classic like the good the bad and the ugly. No sir. Russell Crowe and his sh!t acting is all we need!


I did find Russell Crowe attractive in this movie, actually. He's got the mysterious outlaw thing, and he's got the low voice, and the intense gaze...

There were no whores in the movie. Whores are women who sleep with men for money. The woman in the beginning was his lover, he clearly knew her and she willingly slept with him because she was lonely and sad and he remembered her from happier days.

The wife was surprised by him, but being surprised by him and probably curious about him since he's a notorious sadistic killer (the son is equally curious about him, but we read more into the wife because Ben was flirting with her and of course because he's a man and she's a woman).

I thought the dialogue with the bar lady was really cheesy, and of course all westerns could definitely use more strong females (True Grit!), but calling them women whores seems excessive and just untrue.

"And then he started cheating...especially at magnetic travel scrabble."


lol alot people always seem to misuse the word cheesy.

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Cheesy. Makes me want to order a pizza.

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So are you saying that because Alice thought Ben was attractive she is a whore? WOW. You are going to have a tough life.

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While I wouldn't say the wife is a whore it is true there weren't any strong females in this movie. You'd think the wife would have more sense then feeling bad for a killer like Wade because of some flirting.


some handles here are just silly. wwii... snore.

Who said Alice felt bad for Wade, as if she felt, what, that he was really a good guy who should walk scot free???

I must have been watching a different movie.

She thought he was attractive. She didn't act on it, didn't even encourage him, and it led nowhere.

Btw the OP must be 12 and not think much of female sexuality. Probably doesn't know much about it, either. Least not first hand, and is right hand doesn't count.


kenny-164, yes you are right. I looked back at the scene again and Alice shows no sign of pity for the Wade. She only says he isn't what she expected, which is understandable.

As for my handle, I've used the same handle sgttom since I first started using the internet. wwii was added since they wouldn't accept sgttom when I made my account. My handle fits in on the websites I first used it at not as much on IMDB. Doesn't really matter to me though.



I was just joking about your handle, but what I really wanted to say is good for you for changing your take on something. Far too many on IMDb insist on sticking with baseless assertions and interpretations. It takes a grownup to admit to changing one's mind. Good for you.


Thanks Kenny. I really dislike arguing in the first place, unlike a lot of people seemingly.


you backtracked and gave up like a bitch lol



I think you ignore context of this movie, this is not movie in present day 2015, but ~150 years (?) ago and you are shown two simple women, one of them probably poor bar singer who is now bartender, probably with low education if any and none goals, who just experienced for while big city life, other one is just farmer's wife who never been to city in her life and while she is nice probably lacks any real education and listen to everything her husband says. So in this context it's not surprising to me when this kind of simple woman see some badass outlaw in her life, meeting with such person first time in life and who is surprisingly not acting like some low level guy, but more like some educated guy, she is interested in him especially if he use his pickup line about green eyes she will have wet dreams later in bed, since you know as much as she loves her man life on farm without food/money sticking with your crippled husband is not what she imagined when she married him I guess.

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There were no whores in the movie.

Not any main characters, at least. I do recall that when they reach the town towards the end you can clearly see a lady of the night in the background near the saloon, which was common in the Old West.

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