funny at times

but not good enough


When there's no more room in hell, The dead will walk the earth...


~ I thought this movie was hilarious. I loved it alot and the performances were great.



"A prayer for the wild at
heart kept in cages

— Tennessee Williams
[American Playwriter]


It's a funny interesting story very well acted out by the principle players.. but.. ..
1st 3rd & last 3rd really good well paced.. but middle really slowwwwwwwwed down for me so much I nearly turned it off. but decided to hang in... and it was worth it..
I don't know if the problem in the middle was a result of the script or poor direction/editing.. or both..
With Judd hirsch it reminded me of 'Taxi'.. one of the MOST funniest sitcoms ever.. but that was a 1/2 hour. Try to strech those shows to 1:30m and takes all the stuffing out of it...v v v hard.. ..
I enjoyed it enough to give it an 8/10...
Oh yea, I love Mercedes Ruehl so much ... anything w/her is fun...