Favourite scenes?

In case someone should find his/her way into that forum, what was everyone's favourite scenes? I had so much of them.

My personal number One: the dancing Earl of Clincham with his expressive hair. Really laughed my head off, when he was so enthusiastic about the music.

The peer elevator. Who would've thought that all the aristocrates are living sorted?

The Prince of Whales with his tiny prince's crown. Fantastic. Getting royal ice cream and pudding, of course. An audience wouldn't be complete without. :D

Splendid, splendid, absolutely splendid.

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Everything showing our young authoress. If you watch what she is doing as she is coming up with her ideas carefully, you can see the actors doing those things later in the film. Very clever...


The picnic by the river - Bernard running to the river to get a cup (literally a cup of water) to dab on Ethel's pallid brow. Watching the 6'2" Hugh Laurie navigate his way around the picnic blanket!

The cutlery lesson for Alfred and how to dof the hat.

The church scene.

Maybe it's all of the way they said Alfred (Alf), Bernard and Ethel. Loved the film. Very cute and very well done.


Even I never have seen only a few scenes of it, I agree, the river/picnic scene is a very good one.


I couldn't stop laughing at the wedding scene where Alf is sobbing loudly during the whole ceremony, and the part where the priest says "And do you, Lord Berndard Clarke, take Ethel Mabel Montague, as your just AWFUL wedded wife?" made me actually lol.

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