Chapter headings, v1.00

None on my DVD.

Own chapter headings. Numbers are from the DVD, with times for the 25fps region 2 DVD. Region 1 23.976fps DVD times are likely to be 4% longer, the same number of original picture frames shown at different playback rates.

0:00:00, Gray Matters (2006) 01 Titles And Dance And Party
0:00:41, people serious about dance, MUSIC, Cheek to Cheek, by Jane Krakowski & Tony Sotos
0:05:51, dinner party with friends, MUSIC, likely Yo Soy El Son, by Harry Scorzo
0:08:23, 02 More About The People, Work And Shrink
0:13:18, bowling, MUSIC, very muted, possibly Help Me Suzanne, by Rhett Miller
0:16:03, 03 A Girl In The Park
0:19:49, latin dance MUSIC, ?
0:23:57, 04 The Day After And Shopping For A Wedding Dress
0:26:25, the wedding dress, MUSIC, muted Brandenburg Concerto No. 3 in G, c Johann Sebastian Bach
0:29:50, 05 Vegas And An OMG Experience
0:31:00, bath MUSIC, ?
0:33:28, singing on stage, MUSIC, I Will Survive, by Gloria Gaynor, Heather Graham & Bridget Moynahan
0:39:01, 06 Vegas Wedding, MUSIC, Sweet Lord Jesus, by Joffre, etc
0:39:19, wedding MUSIC, Love Hallelujah, by Joffre, etc
0:39:40, wedding MUSIC, House Of The Lord, by Joffre, etc
0:40:44, wedding MUSIC, This Little Light Of Mine, by Joffre, etc
0:41:08, a worried sister, MUSIC, I'm With Her, by Rhett Miller
0:46:54, 07 Sister Dating Guys, With A Real Advisor
0:50:55, restaurant MUSIC, ?
0:53:16, 08 After The Dates, With Gordy
0:57:29, a dance with Charlie, MUSIC, I Won't Dance, by TWD Orchestra
1:04:12, 09 Copywriter At Work
1:09:40, 10 At The Aquarium
1:12:00, watching home movies I Just Remember Goodbye, by Schuyler Fisk
1:16:15, 11 I Wanna Die
1:21:42, at a female only gay bar, MUSIC, ?
1:26:57, 12 A Brand New Day, MUSIC, All Kinds of Love, by Leslie Mills
1:27:49, end credits
1:29:00, end credits MUSIC, Watch Me Fly, by Brandon Jane
1:32:49, end

A fun and romantic story.