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Decent family adventure flick that's dragged down by the totally artificial look of many scenes

I am always down for a good adventure film. It is one of my very favorite genres.

So a few nights ago I decided to go ahead and check this one out.

I'll give it a C+.

It's a decent family movie, bolstered largely by good performances and some interesting ideas (I really liked how they used Verne's book to navigate the world), but the sheer artificiality of much of the film's environments began to feel oppressive to me. It's almost like someone watched Attack of the Clones and said, "You can shoot a whole movie in front of a green screen?! I want to try that!" And for me, the fact that 75% of the film looks so digital and fake really took me out of the story and dampened my enthusiasm.

Didn't hate it but certainly didn't love it either. I'm sure I'll never watch it again but I'm mildly curious to know how the sequel stacks up.


I agree with your criticisms...
Just watched it with the family recently and i liked it well enough
It was good, silly fun and the kids loved it
Sometimes its good to just make Popcorn, turn the brain off and enjoy a goofy adventure yarn


Cool man, glad you liked it. I always love a good adventure film.

If you and your kids liked this one then you'll probably also like the sequel, Journey 2: The Mysterious Island. Personally, I actually enjoyed Journey 2 more than the first one.


I will seek it out