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maybe im missing something, this isnt a bad movie!

It really wasnt a bad movie, I dont know what everyones crying about.


Gee, Chris, you must be really new to these boards. ;-> [I hate smileys but am making an exception just this once]

If the criers didn't post there'd be about 3 threads on the entire site...

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Yeah I enjoyed it for what it was... A nonsensical journey to a fantasy land with danger and excitement!

People whine about it not making "sense" but that's what makes it a fantasy! Jeesh

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this could have been a decent film if they aimed it at adults and gave it a bearable script.

The whole "lets tell jokes while falling to our death" kind of spoils it for me.


You have an odd idea of what `fantasy` means.
Going `beyond the normal` and `doing the impossible` make it fantasy
Not making sense or not being faithful to its own rules make it bad.
My 5 year old could come up with a better plot and dialogue


^ I Agree. easily one of the worst movies i have ever seen and i have seen some pretty bad movies in my time.


And what makes it all the worse is having a smart-ass little teen-age punk in the story.

This isn't the first film that's been ruined by some flip little bastard.


If you like mindless.

Basically can summarize this movie as

"we're faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaalling!"

over and over again.